Festive Limited Women Bundle Special

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In conjunction with international women's month, Daile launches festive limited bundle packages at only RM299 nett
6 Bundle Options Available.

Purchase any 2 bundles and above to receive additional RM50 voucher on top of the discounted packs! All eligible orders will be entitled with RM50 voucher during delivery.

Bundle Sale ends 2nd April 2023. 
Limited sets offered. While stock lasts. 


View full bundle options in the list below & pick your favourite set under the dropdown.

Set A - Nutritional Wellbeing Bundle
Daile Essential (900g) + Daile Brew To Go (30g x10) + Daile Collagen Jelly (5's) + Daile Multivitamin Jelly (5's)

Special Price: RM299.00
Original Price: RM330.00

Product details of the bundle,
1. Daile Essential in Dark Belgium Chocolate, Complete Nutrition Focused: https://bydaile.co/pages/daile-essential
2. Daile Brew To Go in 10-bundles: https://bydaile.co/pages/brew-to-go
3. Daile Jelly in Collagen & Multivitamin in 5's each: https://bydaile.co/products/daile-jelly


Set B -  Weight Wellbeing Bundle
Daile Brew (900g) + Daile Fruit To Go (30g x 10) + Daile White Kidney Bean Jelly (5's) + Daile Probiotic Jelly (5's)

Special Price: RM299.00
Original Price: RM344.00

Product details of the bundle,
1. Daile Brew in Roasted Arabica Coffee, Appetite & Fat Burning Focused: https://bydaile.co/pages/daile-brew
2. Daile Fruit To Go in 10-bundles: https://bydaile.co/pages/fruit-to-go
3. Daile Jelly in White Kidney Bean & Probiotic in 5's each: https://bydaile.co/products/daile-jelly


Set C -  Sports Wellbeing Bundle
Daile Protein (900g) + Daile Essential To Go (30g x 10) + Daile Electrolyte Jelly (5's) + Daile Vitamin C Jelly (5's)

Special Price: RM299.00
Original Price: RM329.00

Product details of the bundle,
1. Daile Protein in Dark Belgium Chocolate, Endurance & Energy Focused: https://bydaile.co/pages/daile-protein
2. Daile Essential To Go in 10-bundles: https://bydaile.co/pages/essential-to-go
3. Daile Jelly in Electrolyte & Vitamin C in 5's each: https://bydaile.co/products/daile-jelly


Set D - Skin Wellbeing Bundle
Daile Fruit (900g) + Daile Yogurt To Go (30g x 10) + Daile L-Glutathione Jelly (5's) + Daile Psyllium Husk Jelly (5's)

Special Price: RM299.00
Original Price: RM348.00

Product details of the bundle,
1. Daile Fruit in Passion Fruit, Complete 6-in-1 Skin Food: https://bydaile.co/pages/daile-fruit
2. Daile Yogurt To Go in 10-bundles: https://bydaile.co/pages/yogurt-to-go
3. Daile Jelly in L-Glutathione & Psyllium Husk in 5's each: https://bydaile.co/products/daile-jelly

Set E -  Mind Wellbeing Bundle
Daile Yogurt (900g) + Daile Protein To Go (30g x 10) + Daile Bird Nest Jelly (5's) + Daile Ashwagandha Jelly (5's)

Special Price: RM299.00
Original Price: RM322.00

Product details of the bundle,
1. Daile Yogurt in Mango Yogurt, Stress & Sleep Modulating: https://bydaile.co/pages/daile-yogurt
2. Daile Protein To Go in 10-bundles: https://bydaile.co/pages/protein-to-go
3. Daile Jelly in Bird Nest & Ashwagandha in 5's each: https://bydaile.co/products/daile-jelly

Set F -  Vitality Wellbeing Bundle
Daile Plus (900g) + Daile Milk To Go (30g x 10) + Daile Ginseng Jelly (5's) + Daile Collagen Jelly (5's)

Special Price: RM299.00
Original Price: RM345.00

Product details of the bundle,
1. Daile Plus in Matcha Green Tea, Cholesterol & Heart Care: https://bydaile.co/pages/daile-plus
2. Daile Milk To Go in 10-bundles: https://bydaile.co/pages/milk-to-go
3. Daile Jelly in Ginseng & Collagen in 5's each: https://bydaile.co/products/daile-jelly

Perfect to Use in Combination
Mix & Match to customize your daily functional needs. Purchase any 2 bundles & above to receive additional RM50 voucher.


Storage Condition
If unopened use within 12 months, store in a cool, dry environment away from direct sunlight.
Once opened, will last 6 months sealed and stored in the correct conditions.
Once mixed in water, will last 24 hours when refrigerated and 4 hours without must be kept at ambient temperature and out of direct sunlight.

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